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Chartered Surveyors

As an independent firm of chartered surveyors, we are able to give advice and guidance to clients on a broad range of valuation matters.

Please telephone Colin R. Hewetson BSc MRICS on 01200 42 41 42 for a free initial consultation..


We ensure the accuracy of valuations by our supporting reports which
record our consideration of the valuation factors eg. third party rights,
development potential, pollution and environmental considerations,
together with an assessment of the market.

The "Red Book"

All valuations made by members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors must now be made in accordance with the Institution's Manual of Valuation Practice, commonly known as "The Red Book". This practice is mandatory other then in a few limited circumstances and obliges instructions to be taken in detail, for valuations to be made in writing and to address a series of standard issues.


Fixed fees are quoted for valuations and reports which will depend on the complexity of the valuation. Typically this may be based on £1 for every £1000 of value for largely residential property or fixed fee based on an hourly charge for agricultural holdings and estates. Disbursements and expenses are included plus VAT based on our terms of business.

Base values

MSW Hewetsons undertakes many negotiations with third parties in order to establish "base values" for tax and other purposes. These may be for Capital gains tax, divorce settlements, probate, insurance or for compulsory purchase compensation purposes, for example. We are highly experienced in negotiating with the District Valuers office. The requirements for different values under different circumstances is supported by our technical knowledge and proven negotiating skills.

Please contact the office for a valuation quotation